We have created a guide on caring and cleaning your beautiful abayas purchased from us.

We highly recommend that you hand wash all our abayas especially if your abaya has embellishments on them such as crystals, lace or bead work. Hand washing is the ideal way to wash delicate abayas as it allows you to be as gentle as you like with the garment.

Dry cleaning is also an option to clean and care for your abaya.

Hand Wash

1. Dilute minimal detergent in a sink/basin before placing your abaya in.

2. After 5 minutes scrub on necessary spots such as the neckline, sleeves, hem and armpit area. 

3. Soak your abaya for no longer than 10 minutes.

4. Rinse and hang to air dry.

Machine Wash

If machine washing is preferred, please observe the following;

1. Ensure you abaya is turned inside out.

2. Wash separately or with like colours only.

3. Dilute detergent in water first before placing in washing machine.

4. Select the 'Delicate' washing mode on you washing machine and ensure its on a 'Cold wash' setting.

5. Hang abaya immediately to air dry to avoid unnecessary creases.